MARC SMITH is a Brooklyn based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist currently self-releasing his first solo album Nothing Is Ever Lost and hit single New York City. His music spans rock, pop, and folk with country music influence.


MARC SMITH is a Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist currently self-releasing his first solo album Nothing Is Ever Lost.


A twelve-song album started rolling out as singles with "Anywhere With You," a quiet duet featuring Smith's wife that offered no hint of louder things to come.

“The releases coincide with dates and occasions that are meaningful to me personally or relevant to the songs' subject matter.  Doing releases this way also allows me time to reflect on and appreciate the work that goes into each song, one at a time." 

 Tracking on API 1608

Tracking on API 1608

Sound Engineer and Multi-Instrumentalist–as a vocalist, guitarist, drummer and more, Smith initially set out to perform everything himself.

“My growth as a sound engineer is a blessing and curse.  When it comes to my own music I tend to go through cycles favoring the recording process over the music itself.  I eventually sought out musicians and realized the incredible dimension I was missing as sole performer/producer.  It changed everything in the most positive way. Now I have the best of both worlds, engineering musicians on my record whom I trust to deliver great performances.  I handle most of the tracking at home and mixing happens at Strange Weather Studio in Williamsburg."

 LAZ Pro 500 series Neve EQ clone

LAZ Pro 500 series Neve EQ clone

DIY Electronic Engineering & Equipment Building

"The more I learned about recording, the more I became interested in the difference between good equipment and bad.  I can’t justify spending thousands of dollars on a mic pre if I don't understand what's happening behind the front panel knobs. There is a huge DIY community online - so many equipment designers that you can literally build any piece of gear for your studio.  I enjoy being responsible for every aspect of my music, from the song idea itself to the performance, arranging and editing, all the way down to the resistors and capacitors that process my signal.  Root to branch as they say.”

Giving Back

In addition to his own music, Smith directs a unique recording program at Phoenix House, a national drug and alcohol treatment provider.  The program is underwritten by Kara DioGuardi, a Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter, record producer, music publisher and former American Idol judge. 

“Every day I make music with people who are going through recovery; complete strangers when they step into the studio but friends by the time they leave.  They discover talents and motivation they never knew existed or had forgot about entirely.  Music tames the beast within, as a client once put it to me.  I couldn’t agree more.”

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